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Urban Atmospherics


Urban Atmospherics was a two-year collaborative audiovisual project between Somaya Langley and Michael Ascroft, producing a series of audiovisual performances and installations.

Performances & Exhibitions


An Experimenta New Visions commission to develop an interactive audiovisual installation using a sonar sensor custom built by Dr Alistair Riddell (Centre for New Media Arts, Australian National University). The sound environment explores the notion of aloneness in crowded city spaces. The source materials were recorded in the cities of Paris, Marseille, London and Sydney (January - June 2005)

Familiar Circuits

Familiar Circuits was an audio/visual installation exploring the city of Canberra. The source sound and video materials were recorded in the ACT and surrounding region. The audiovisual environment was processed live over the duration of the installation, emphasising the ebb and flow of the different systems at play within the city space.

Familiar Circuits - Urban Atmospherics

Foreshore Space
Old Bus Depot Markets
27 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, Canberra, ACT.
For details on how to get there:

Familiar Circuits - Urban Atmospherics

Opening: 6pm Tuesday 26th October 2004

Exhibition Hours:
4pm - 10pm, 27 - 29 October
12pm - 4pm, 30 October

This project has been assisted by artsACT on behalf of the ACT Government.logo: artsACT - ACT Urban Services

Canberra Art School Ball

Live A/V performance at the Canberra Art School Ball, addressing alienation in empty city spaces, October 2004.

Quantacrib - Electrofringe 2004

Live A/V performance at the Quantacrib at Electrofringe, addressing alienation in empty city spaces, October 2004.

Make It Up Club

Live A/V performance at the Make It Up Club, addressing alienation in empty city spaces, June 2004.


Live A/V performance at eXXentrik, a Community Radio 2XX FM electronic music fundraiser, Toast, April 2004.


Live A/V performance at Vis(i)onic, a night of experimental sound and video arts, ANU Arts Centre, 1st April 2004.

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