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Previous Projects

A selection of projects (2002 - 2009). Further information, projects and thoughts see the blog:


ID-i/o solo live wearable sensor-based electronic audiovisual performance project. Supported by an Australia Council for the Arts Sounding Out grant. Further information see:

ID-i/o (audio and performance) and dpwolf (video) at Electrofringe photo: Peta Doherty

This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.logo: Australia Council for the Arts

Mobile Patters

Mobile Patters is a wearable work exploring the imperceptible world of radio frequencies, mobile phones and "semi-private" spaces constructed by individuals in metropolitan environments.

Mobile Patters photo: Melissa Penrose

This work was developed at reSkin, an ANAT Emerging Technology Lab presented in association with ANU and CraftAustralia.


Collars is a collaboration between Alexandra Gillespie and Somaya Langley to produce a mixed media installation combining audio, electronics and fabric in order to address notions of notions of power and control, social stratification and status through the object of the collar and its role in society.

Collars photo: Alexandra Gillespie


The outcomes of collaborative three-week residency at STEIM in Amsterdam in July 2006 with Ross Bencina and Danielle Wilde, developing experiments into gestural sound control. These outcomes include short videos of our experiments and a paper presented as poster at the NIME 2008 conference in Genova, Italy.

Further information see:

STEIM 2007 - hyperinstrument demonstration - danielle wilde, somaya langley Head Scrape - danielle wilde (left), somaya langley (right) - hyperinstrument experiment demonstration (video still). ©2007 ross bencina, somaya langley and danielle wilde.

tele path

tele path is the outcome of an audiovisual collaboration between David McDowell (video) and Somaya Langley (sound) producing a trilogy of audiovisual works published on DVD (2008).

tele path - light's house Light's House (video still). image: David McDowell

The production of this DVD was generously supported by the Australian Capital Territory Government through artsACT.logo: ACT Government - artsACT

STEIM Residency

A collaborative three-week residency at STEIM with Ross Bencina and Danielle Wilde, developing experiments into gestural sound control. Further information see:

Digital Preservation Workflow Project

Project Officer on the National Library of Australia's Digital Preservation Workflow Project to develop a workflow to manage all born-digital items in the Library's collection for long-term preservation, storage and access.

For selected links to information about digital archiving, preservation access and delivery see:


MetaSense live multichannel audiovisual performance project with technologist Nick Mariette. Further information see:

MetaSense - the Great Escape Festival photo: Etienne Deleflie

SubSequence Radio Program

For a decade (from 1997 to 2007) I presented a radio programme (with various others including Sam Karmel aka. Kreme Karmel and Emma Groube aka. DJ Meethod), SubSequence, on Community Radio 2XX FM. Two hours of electronic music from Australia and around the world including interviews with local and interstate musicians, and producers plus live to air broadcasts of studio performances.

SubSequence - Sam Karmel and Somaya Langley SubSequence duo - Sam Karmel (Kreme Karmel) and Somaya Langley

In 2005 and 2006, this show was re-broadcast across Australia's Community Radio Network. Further information see:

re:Skin - Wearable Technologies Workshop

re:Skin ANAT Wearable Technologies Workshop, January - February 2007, held at the Canberra School of Art. Further information see:

re:Skin - Somaya Langley & Alistair Riddell re:Skin - Mobile Patters - Somaya Langley photo: Daniel Kojta

One If By Will

Soundtrack by MetaSense for the film One If By Will by EOR Media.

This project has been assisted by artsACT on behalf of the ACT Government.logo: artsACT - ACT Urban Services

UNAUSTRALIA Conference - Presentation

Chaired the panel Engaging the Outside and presented a paper, Perceiving the Outsider, at UNAUSTRALIA Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Annual Conference, Canberra, December 2006.

Under Observation

Under Observation (reworked) is a computer-based multimedia interactive addressing the use of video surveillance technology in contemporary society. This was presented as part of the paper Perceiving the Outsider at the UNAUSTRALIA conference, Canberra, December 2006.

Under Observation - Macromedia Director Interactive (video still)

Engage Conference - Presentation

Paper presentation (on behalf of Nick Mariette) Perceptual Evaluation of Spatial Audio for "Audio Nomad" Augmented Reality Artworks, Engage, University of Technology, Sydney (2006)

Tasting Greyness

Tasting Greyness - a still image work - was published in the FIRST Journal (Vertebrae), launched on Wednesday 4th October 2006, Canberra.

Tasting Greyness (remixed photograph)

Loud is Boring - TK-ID

Collaboration with spoken word MC TKid, processed by Laptop, The Front Gallery, Lyneham, September 2006, Canberra.

Loud is Boring - TK+ID photo: Sarah Graham


Audiovisual work by David McDowell with sound by Somaya Langley, 29th September - 22nd October 2006, the Apartment, Melbourne.


STATE2STATE multichannel sound installation - the second in a trilogy that began with CITY2CITY - exploring the nature of sound in the city spaces of Melbourne and Sydney. In transit, shifting, set in motion... 18 August - 30 September, 2006 - Cube2, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Canberra.

STATE2STATE (remixed photograph)

Inaugural Friends of the National Library of Australia Travelling Fellowship

Friends of the National Library of Australia Travelling Fellowship to attend the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) and visit the Internet Archive, the California Digital Library and the Berkley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) in August 2006, California, USA (2006).

Californian Digital Library Staff: Robin Chandler, John Kunze, Paul Fogel Somaya Langley with Robin Chandler, John Kunze and Paul Fogel (Californian Digital Library Staff)

A short report on the study trip: Complex Digital Objects: Friends of the National Library of Australia Inaugural Travelling Fellowship Report

For a daily detailed account, see:

Time_Place_Space 5 - Performance Workshop

Time_Place_Space 5 - the final intensive workshop, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and run by the Performance Space in July, 2006 at the QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane. Further information see:

out | side | in - What Survives: Sonic Residues in Breathing Buildings

out | side | in was commissioned by Gail Priest for the group sound installation What Survives: Sonic Residues in Breathing Buildings at the Performance Space, from 24th March - 22nd April 2006, Sydney. Further information see:

Tasting Aloneness

Tasting Aloneness is a single screen audiovisual work addressing notions of travelling alone and the spaces one encounters. This was created for two nights of all-night screening as part of the 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Further information see:

Tasting Aloneness (remixed photograph)

Screpe - A/V Happening

S-crepe was an electronic audiovisual happening based on the 1960 art world "happenings". The event starting at sunset provided an informal space for the exhibition and performance by digital media artists. Thursday March 9th 2006, Canberra. Further information see:

Performances include:

  • Maja Kuzmanovic (f0AM, Belgium)
  • Nik Gaffney (f0AM and farmers manual, Belguim)
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
  • Stephen Barrass
  • Solaris (via Oslo)
  • ID-i/o
  • onaclov (via Marseille)
  • michael bylstra - (via Japan and Melbourne)

The Minutiae of Inertia

Sound for the solo theatre piece by Tyler Coppin, the Minutiae of Inertia, as part of the 2005 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Create_Space - ANAT 2005 New Media Laboratory

Create_Space ANAT New Media Lab, October 2005, held at the Meat Market in Melbourne. Further information see:

Create_Space - Security Camera Performance (aka. dog bomb) security camera performance (video still)

Amnesty International Freedom Festival (2005) - Ursula Rucker and Ben Mono

Amnesty International Freedom Festival at Tilleys Devine Cafe, Sunday September 25th2005, Canberra, 7pm.

Freedom Festival - Somaya photo: Nick Mariette

Performances by:

  • Ursula Rucker (Philadelphia, !K7)
  • DJ Ben Mono (Munich, Compost)
  • Bec Paton (Sydney)
  • Mikah Freeman
  • Cris Clucas and Ashley Feraude
  • Somaya Langley with visuals by Josh Wodak

Vital Signs Conference - Presentation

Paper presentation at the Vital Signs Conference, ACMI, Melbourne 7th - 9th September 2005.

The paper can be located at:;res=E-LIBRARY;eisbn=1921166118

Liquid Architecture 6

Liquid Architecture 6 at the Public Office, Saturday July 2nd 2005, Melbourne.

Liquid Architecture 6 - Somaya photo: Alan Bamford

Performers include:

  • Thomas Brinkmann (Germany)
  • TBA (Natalie Beridze, Germany)
  • Arnya Tehira (Melbourne)
  • Ben Henderson (Melbourne)
  • Dale Nason and Kim Bounds (Melbourne)
  • Damian Laird (Melbourne)
  • Lucas Abela (Sydney)
  • Pat Stormont (Melbourne)
  • Raysles and Shoushi (Melbourne)
  • Robin Fox (Melbourne)
  • Zen Paradox (Steve Law, Melbourne)
  • Somaya Langley (Canberra)
  • SEO (Melbourne)
  • Wake Up And Listen (Sydney)
  • Visuals by jean poole, dpwolf and others

Liquid Architecture 6 - flyer

Circuit Bending - Workshop

Circuit Bending workshop run by Nick Wishart from Toydeath.

gutted toy photo: Nick Wishart

Passion in the Protest - Ten Minutes of Passion, Commission

Commission and finalist's award from the National Film and Sound Archives and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Commission to create Ten Minutes of Passion for radio. Further information see: Ten Minutes of Passion [archived: PANDORA]

SoundLab Channel - Edition III

Included in a section of soundart from Australia curated by Michael Yuen for the SoundLab Channel EDITION III, online exhibition space. See: Artists include:

  • Thomas Reiner
  • Lawrence English
  • Robert Sazdov
  • Sebastian Tomczak
  • Stephen Gard
  • Somaya Langley


Business Analyst and Interface Designer for the National Library of Australia's three-year MusicAustralia project. See:


A multichannel sound installation evolving over the duration of the installation, using source material recorded in Canberra and Sydney, Bus, Melbourne, June 1st to June 19th 2004. Further information see:

This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.logo: Australia Council for the Arts


A one-night festival of live improvised electronic sound and visuals. ANU Arts Centre, ANU, Canberra, Thursday 1st April 2004. Performances by:

  • Robin Fox and Anthony Pateras
  • AustraLYSIS
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
  • HyperSense Complex
  • Julian Day and Scott Morrison (visuals)
  • Solaris
  • Urban Atmospherics

Vis(i)onic flyer flyer: luke bicevskis

Urban Atmospherics

Urban Atmospherics was a two-year collaborative audiovisual project, creating installations and live performances (2003 - 2004)

The Passenger

Installation with visual artist, David McDowell, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House, Canberra, March 26th to May 1st 2004. Further information see:

Make It Now (Canberra)

Live improv laptop performance and organisation assistance for the Canberra leg of the Make It Now Festival, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Canberra, Friday 14th November 2003. Performers include:

  • Dave Bullock
  • Dave Brown
  • Rod Cooper
  • Ryko Kalinko
  • Chris Nylstoch
  • Tom Fryer
  • Simone de Haan
  • Richard Johnson
  • Roger Dean
  • Somaya Langley

Make It Now - Rod Cooper & Somaya Langley rod cooper (tawny frogmouth) & somaya langley (laptop)

headphone installation

headphone installation, three sound works on headphones, Hard At It, Canberra School of Art foyer gallery (2003)

1014 Aphasing Installation


Event production manager and organiser for eXXentricity, a Community Radio 2XX 98.3 FM fundraiser. A one night festival celebrating Canberran electronic music including a range of different live acts and DJs. Babylon Night Club, Canberra, Saturday May 31st, 2003.

eXXentricity - Dark Network photo: Glen Martin

Performers included:

  • Dark Network (live)
  • E.L.F. (live)
  • Stalker (live)
  • HyperSense Complex (live)
  • Kimmo Vennonen (live)
  • Solaris (live)
  • Mystral Tide (live)
  • Mr Biscuit vs. Evil Chris (with FX)
  • MC Mewz
  • Ben Henderson
  • Jeremy Joshua
  • Bec Paton
  • Chris Fraser
  • DJ Paf vs. Escha
  • Nash T
  • Vance Musgrove
  • Typhonic
  • Calico
  • Dmitry
  • Low Ki
  • STK
  • DJ Reductionist
  • AliasSX

HyperSense Complex

HyperSense Complex was a three-year collaboration between Dr. Alistair Riddell (Centre for New Media Arts, Australian National University), Simon Burton (Python programmer) and Somaya Langley (2002 - 2004)

eXXentricity - HyperSense Complex photo: Glen Martin

Comprising a trio of interactive sensor based performers working with the concept of “networked bodies as instrument”. A total of 24 sensors is distributed among three performers, electronic sound production is both sophisticated and humanized. There are no clearly defined or discernible instruments and therefore audience focus expands to take in the total being as sonic perpetrator.

Further information see:

1014 (ten to the 14th) / A-phas-ing

1014 (ten to the 14th) / A-phas-ing was a collaboration with visual artist Claire Sourgnes as part of the Freshly Squeezed exhibition, Canberra School of Art (2002)

1014 Aphasing Installation

National Library of Australia's Online Delivery Systems

Creation of web interfaces to deliver the Library's Digital Collections including Music, Manuscripts, Maps, Books, Pictures and Audio. Further information see: For example, see:

Visual Frequencies

Visual Frequencies MCA Online Exhibition as part of Noise 2001 - Four 3D works exhibited as part of this.